Make a donation to the Jewish Community of Stockholm

By making a donation you are making a difference for Jewish Stockholm. You can choose for yourself whether to donate to a specific part of our community or more generally to support Jewish life in Stockholm.

Label your payment with what you want it to be used for. For example, "summer camp", "education for children and young people", "social activities" or "any purpose within the activities of the Jewish Community".

Deposit any amount at Bankgiro 806-9486 or Swish 123 001 85 49 if you reside in Sweden.

If you reside in another country, you can donate by making an international bank transfer:
IBAN: SE62 6000 0000 0000 1483 9261
Bank: Handelsbanken
Address: Kungsträdgårdsgatan 2, 111 47 Stockholm

If you donate via Swish, it is good if you also enter your e-mail address in the message so that we can contact you with any questions. In order for us to be able to give you a confirmation that we have received your gift, we ask you to mark your payment with your e-mail address or alternatively send an e-mail to

We are very grateful for every gift!

Gift certificateFor gifts over SEK 180, you can receive a gift certificate. If you want to receive a gift certificate, fill out the form below. We e-mail the gift certificate (as a pdf) to the donor's e-mail address. The donor can print the gift certificate herself/himself. Unfortunately, we are unable to print and mail gift certificates.

We collect your email address to be able to communicate with you and the donor's personal data in order to create a gift certificate.

Stanna kvar på denna sida tills du får bekräftelse på att anmälan är inskickad, annars avbryts anmälan.

Stay on this page until you receive confirmation that the notification has been submitted, otherwise the notification will be cancelled.