Job advertisement: Orthodox rabbi of Stockholm

The Jewish Community of Stockholm is by far the biggest Jewish community in Scandinavia with over 4 300 members. The community is an “Einheitsgemeinde” (unity community) and has three synagogues, two orthodox and one Masorti (the Great Synagogue). The Jewish community employs two rabbis, one Orthodox and one Masorti. The rabbis are expected to cooperate. The Orthodox rabbi is also expected to cooperate with the other Orthodox rabbis in Sweden and Scandinavia. The employed rabbis in Stockholm report to the Secretary General of the Jewish Community of Stockholm, who answers to the board of the community.

Job descriptionWe are looking for a rabbi who is comfortable leading and arranging services. Halachically accomplished. Very knowledgeable about synagogue activities and Halacha in practice. Weddings, Bris, Gets, Bikkur Cholim, conversions, burial services and Shivas are all part of the communal life, with which the Orthodox rabbi needs to feel at ease and be able to guide and lead.

The rabbi is also expected to work with education besides the two orthodox synagogues also with in cooperation with different parts of the Jewish community such as the Jewish School, cheder, summer camp and the old age home. In the role as a rabbi he should also act as a counselor, spiritual guide, visit the sick and comfort the grieving. He should also be able to work well with the Masorti rabbi and others within the community. The Orthodox rabbi is responsible for kashrut in the community and should develop and refine the kosher items list and supervise its fulfilment together with the community’s kashrut committee. He should also develop the commercial side of kashrut.

We want our new Orthodox rabbi to be a natural unifying force who creates an environment where people meet and strengthen their identity as Jews. He also should nurture the unified community and have respect for people with different opinions. To meet our expectations, we think that the rabbi needs to be a visionary leader that engages more people into the Orthodox way of living and facilitates bringing people back to Judaism. To meet all our expectations the position requires that the rabbi lives in Stockholm. It is an advantage if the rabbi is married and that his wife also resides with the rabbi in Stockholm.

Background requirements

Rabbinical education from a mainstream, accepted Orthodox yeshiva, whose smicha is accepted by Orthodox communities in general and by the rabbinate in Israel.

Other education is considered to be an additional qualification but is not required.

Certified experience of working as a rabbi in a community
Certified experience of working with kashrut
Certified experience in education
Speaks Swedish or has the ability, preparedness and willingness to learn Swedish. 
General knowledge that can be connected to Jewish knowledge or that can be used in the rabbi’s position is deemed a qualification. (For example, psychology, history, etc.)
For more information, see full job description on our You are also welcome to contact Secretary General Isak Reichel, or +46 8 587 858 09, with any questions regarding the position. Please send the application to no later than October 31 2019.

Read the job description here.