PJS Adult Education:

Practicing Progressive Judaism

What does it mean to be a “practicing progressive Jew?” There are likely as many answers to the question as there are progressive-identified Jews.

As the progressive streams of Judaism evolve into the 21st century, an increasing number of people are embracing Judaism as a practice that can, in the words of Rabbi Michael Strassfeld,”awaken us to life’s potential.”

How do we develop our own progressive Jewish practice?
From the uniqueness of Jewish time (shabbat, holidays, life cycle) to eco-kashrut (sustainable ways of eating); from text study to Jewish mindfulness meditation—and many activities in between–we will explore what it might mean to practice progressive Judaism.

Open to anybody 14+. Attend one, some, or all sessions. Course will be taught primarily in English. Session 2.

28 maj
Nya Hollandersalen, Bajit
Progressiv Judendom i Stockholm