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Församlingen har helgstängt och öppnar åter onsdag 19 maj, på grund av kristi himmelsfärd samt shavout. På återseende!

The General Who Conquered Jerusalem

A general, a brigadier and a cook wanted to conquer Jerusalem during Chanukah 1917. Who was the first to meet the Mayor of Jerusalem? Who got the letter of surrender? Who got a small Sefer Torah as a present? And what is the Swedish connection to this event?

In this session, we will go behind the scenes of the most peaceful conquest of the city of eternity, and try to understand what made this event so mythical and iconic to the people of Jerusalem and the entire world. Dovi Wieder was a Tour Guide in Jerusalem and as he always says Jerusalem is a huge passion in his life.

Questions: eliezer.vider@jfst.se

A link to Zoom will be sent out the day before the event. 

10 maj
Judiska Församlingen i Stockholm