Guided tours of the Great Synagogue and the Holocaust Monument

Between June 11 and August 31, 2018  Monday-Thursday 11 and 12, Friday 11. Entrance: SEK 150, $ 20 or € 15. For groups or private alternatives please call in advance at phone +46-708 211 897 or e-mail to

The Holocaust Memorial in Stockholm

A memorial to the victims of the Holocaust is engraved on the wall leading from the entrance of The Great Synagogue to the Jewish Community office building. It was inaugurated in 1998 by Carl XVI Gustav, King of Sweden, and lists 8500 victims, relatives of Jews residing in Sweden. The 42-meter memorial bright serves as a link between a dark past, and a future. No entrance fee. Open during weekdays.

The Jewish Library

The Jewish Library is closed. It will open in the beginning of 2018 at a new address.



The community mikveh of Stockholm is located underneath the Great Synagogue. It was opened in October 2017 and serves the entire Jewish community of Stockholm and surrounding areas. Construction was supervised by Rav Meir Posen and is under the supervision of Rabbi Amram Maccabi and Rabbi Ute Steyer.

Address: Wahrendorffgatan 3B
Visiting times: after appointment
Contact: Jane Reichel, +46 70 722 0345

The Synagogues

The Great Synagogue of Stockholm at Wahrendorffgatan 3 B (next to the Community offices) is an official national historical building, built in 1870 in an "oriental" style, and seats 900 people.

Services are held:
During the week: Thursdays 8am
Shabbat and Jom Tov: Shabbat eve and Jom Tov eve: 5.30 pm (from September - March), 6.30 pm (from April to September). For exact dates when times switch between 5.30 and 6.30, please consult the events calendar.
Shabbat morning and Jom Tov morning: 9.15 am
Services are masorti (conservative).

Adas Jeschurun (orthodox)

For information of daily services please look at

Adat Jisrael (orthodox)

Adat Jisrael is situated at Ragvaldsgatan 14C (near the Slussen underground station), in an18th century building, recently renovated and well worth visiting. The synagogue is more than a hundred year old, and was long known as the ”poylische minyan”. Today it's that most active synagogue in Scandinavia, with daily Minyanim.

Kosher food

Kosherian, Riddargatan 3, phone 08-663 65 80,
Open Monday-Thursday 11 am-6 pm, Friday 9 am-3 pm.
Summertime Wednesday-Friday 10 am-4 pm.

The following restaurants have no hashgacha, but ingredients have been checked by the orthodox Rabbi:

RESTAURANT HÄLSOKOST LEMURIA, kosher ingredients. Serves vegan food. Address: Nybrogatan 26, phone 08-660 02 21. Opening hours: every Monday–Friday 10 am–6 pm.

LAO WAI, Chinese vegetarian vegan restaurant, Luntmakargatan 74, phone, 08-673 78 00.

MATAPOTEKET, Bondegatan 6. Mobil: 073-020 34 44, Matapoteket is a raw-food-restaurang

FALAFELBAREN new kosher place, Hornsgatan 39.

The following products have been checked and approved by orthodox Rabbi: In general, regular plain milk products like yoghurt, milk, butter are checked. Bread: Schulstad, Pågen, Vivels, Europabagaren – dairy and parve. Ice cream – see list. Smoked salmon, Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Kosher wine can be purchased at Systembolaget. Complete kosher list