maj, 2018

6maj18:00- 20:00Zikaron baSalon - memory in the living room


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Söndag 6 maj kl 18.00 (plats meddelas vid anmälan)
This year Stockholm is joining the Zikaron BaSalon ("memory in the living room" in hebrew) project, that brings 3rd and 4th generation closer to the memories of the Holocaust. Read more: This year we are sharing this event globally with USY, and other young masorti Jews in more than 15 locations around the world.

The first part of the evening will be dedicated to recorded testimonies and sharing our feelings in a discussion. This will be followed by a panel about genocide, participating members of the community:
Ella Banyan: Shlicha to the Stockholm community from Israel.
Jackie Haikui Mhitaryan: Full-time student, political activist and vice chairwoman of the organisation StreetGäris. Passionate about community organizing, intersectional feminism, fighting antisemitism and building bridges across different communities. Proud jewmenian (Jew/Armenian).
Logal Kako: Political activist for LGBTQ and refugee rights.

The panel will discuss the narratives of genocide starting with the Armenian and Assyrian genocides, through the Holocaust, to the civil war in Syria happening right now. What are we missing?
After the panel we will hold a discussion, and we can't wait to hear your thoughts and opinions! ♥
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(Söndag) 18:00 - 20:00

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